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keep staring!!!

last night, someone asked me what i do when people stare at me because of my modifications. they asked if it angers me, upsets me, etc.
my response was that basically, i find it funny that some people look like deer in headlights when seeing me and i pity others for being so judgmental and close minded. (those are the ones who shoot dirty looks)
my typical response is to make air kisses, wink, or something of that nature. personally, i don't care what people think, because its my body, and i love my mods. i feel i made my body better by decorating it as i see fit. i find humor in such situations.
i'm not rude, because everyone has a right to their own opinion, but if someone says something nasty, you can bet your butt i snap right back.
everyone has rights, but they should also respect one another.

so when someone stares at you for your mods, what do you do??? do you laugh it off like me? do you get pissed off and offended? do you try to ignore it???

and... GO!
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