jamalblackson (jamalblackson) wrote in bodymodsaddicts,

I'm Lyndsey, 19.
I've lurked for awhile but first time posting.
I only have one tattoo, it's an outline of a star about the size of a quarter behind my left ear and i absolutely love it.
here's the next one i want to get with my tax return


It's very rough but i have it drawn out in life size alot nicer, smoother and more inline if that makes sense, but you get the general gist of it.
I want it on my side from hipbone to ribcage and just in black ink.
I just want opinions on whether or not it would be too difficult to achieve this, like the lines being too thin or something.
and from people that have tattoos in that area how bad they warp with weight gain and pregnancy.
or basicly any input at all.

ALSO, if you have any recommondations of a fantastic artist in the massechusetts/ new hampshire area.
I'm willing to drive a good distance

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