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this highly irritates me for so many reasons it is ridiculous.
some of which, but not limited to being:
tattoos are about commitment and should not be jumped into, hence i have so many issues with tattoos people get to begin with. BUT the fact that there is an ink that either recently was created or is in the process of coming out that in one session can remove a tattoo completely. now yes, i know there are tattoo removal procedures available now, however, bringing this new ink about just brings so many issues. i foresee way too many people getting tattoos just because they know they can be removed easily. i just find it irritating because i modify my body how i see fit, and would never think of removing anything i have added to it. yes, sometimes there is a need for removal, but i think they should just create a better removal procedure, rather than this ink that can be removed in one session.
i don't care in the sense that my tattoos can not be removed as easily, but i am more concerned with the public getting stupid tattoos done just because they know they can be removed, and i think it tarnishes the fact that tattoos should be seen as permanent.
that is just my opinion.

thoughts? opinions?

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