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Hey Y'all...damn its been a loooong time.

I joined this community in 07, and I check back from time to time and I just realized how long its been. So I thought I would stop in and update you on the modification adventures that I have had in the last three years and to offer up pictures.

Still no tattoos, but I have 11/12 piercing now (11 piercing, 12 holes). My right ear: 4 lobe piercings (two 12g, 4g, and a 14g - they are my current project, tragus, cartiledge) left ear: 2 lobe piercings (0 to 00g and a 14g - the 14g is also part of my project), rook, industrial. My newest modification is my septum, which I love.

I would like to get my nose pierced on the right side, my conch on my right ear, 3rd lobe piercing on my left and of course tattoos.


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