Ray (rayruz) wrote in bodymodsaddicts,

Infected piercing?

I know this sounds so dumb... but I've been battling infection with my eyebrow piercing since october. It's in this process of going away and coming back even after a round of antibiotics. And I soak it with sea salt and wash it with dial but it keeps coming back without fail. The thing is it gets pink, and a bit swollen but it never gets beyond that.

Should I see a doctor about other possible health risks? Is it possible that the infection is spreading internally?

Also it started bleeding after I had a headon collision with someone during my dress rehearsal tonight.
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The same thing happened with my nose ring. No matter what I did, no matter what I used the infection just kept coming back. I spoke to my doctor and he told me that some people just can't have certain piercings. For me it's my nose. He told me that my body was rejecting. I actually ended up having to go to the hospital to have it removed because it had goten so bad.

My advice is either speak to your doctor or a professional piercer. They'll be abe to point you in the right direction.

Good luck xo
I'm going to see if I can get around of antibiotics from student health, and after that talk to my piercer...
Thats the best bet. I know a few people who have had their eyebrow's done and something similar has happened. Just be careful because you said that you had a hit against it last night. That would worry me if there's already an infection there.
Yeah. That's what's worrying me the most... part of me is thinking "just take it out." but you're not supposed to take it out if it's infected... hence the going to get the antibiotics. Hopefully I can get a prescription. Honestly what hurts is the fact that I have a giant goose egg now.
I always get a little afraid when I get an infection in any of my piercings. Granted that doesnt happen very often because after having to go to the hospital to get my nosering removed, I'v been a freak about how clean they are. But when I do get one I always think "OMGIMGONNADIE" because I used to be so afriad of the infection going into my blood or something. And I'm not sure if that can happen or not.
Yeah... I got especially freaked after I found out an actor I like died at 33 after an infection in his tooth travelled to his heart.
So it can happen... Now I'll probably be even more freaked out. Thanks lol

By the way, I found that sea salt was too harsh for cleaning my ear lobes with. Now I use ordinary table salt, mayne you should try that?
I do use table salt because I ran out of sea salt.

For the record I don't know how the infection spread. I just heard that's what happened.
Oh.. well then hopefull you can get some antibiotics. Is your eing/bar nickel free do you know?
Yeah, the bar is titanium. I have insane allergies so I wanted to play it as safe as possible. Another reason I don't wanna take it out if I don't have to. I paid a lot for it.
I was like that when I got my ears stretched. I was wearing those plastic ones for a while until I felt like ripping my ears off. Then I got titatium tunnels and all is good again.
So! I talked to the doc today! She said that if the infection were to spread to other parts of the body it would be incredibly obvious because it would infect parts nearest the piercing first! So the chance of going septic is really slight. She assured me that there was no reason to take the piercing out, in fact she told me to keep it in. She also gave me a topical antibiotic and told me the bleeding was likely from trauma not from infection.
That's really good news \o/

I bet you're thrilled not to have to take it out.
how did it all turn out, dollface?